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What is Trials?

What is Motorcycle Trials?


 Trials is a test of motorcycle handling skills and agility.

Riders must complete a series of “sections” ridden over rough terrain, there is no speed element to Trials. Some sections are twisty, others    

are over obstacles such as rocks/logs, some travel through streams, some are hill climbs. Sections are not timed so there is no advantage  

to the riders to be the quickest.


Who are the Riders?

There are over 200 Wobblers members aged from as young as 6 and to old as 80, they all ride around the same flagged route so Dad can r  

ride round with his Son and Grandad can go round with his Granddaughter.


With only a little off-road riding experience or a small amount of instruction you could ride a trial at the Wobblers. Many entrants also find that  

their skills cross over from mountain biking/downhilling or other off-road motorcycle sports and they can start straight away.


How Can I Start?

Come along to a Wobblers Trial, we are at Drumcarrow every month, dates, times and directions are on the website.


 Phone  - Allan Adamson, Trials Convener for the Wobblers 01333 340537or e-mail [email protected]

 Phone  - Duncan Wood, Chair 01333 311744  or e-mail [email protected]


Enter on the Day?

When you come along to enter come straight over to the tent where you'll find the admin girls Michelle, and Maggie, they will give you the  

forms you will need to fill in (Membership, Entry form and Signing on Sheet) and if you need help we will ensure someone shows you what  

to do.

You will not need to sign off at the end of the day but you must hand in your scorecard so we know that you are still not on the hill when we  

leave, and  also Maggie can enter your score into the Championship Points Table.


The Cost to join and enter?

To join the Wobblers club now costs £10.00 for a Family Membership and £8.00 for an individual, entry fee is £10.00 for adult and £5.00 for  



The Trials Bike.

The Trials bike is smaller and lighter than Enduro and Motorcross bikes, and indeed looks similar to a mountain bike, this makes them  

much easier to manoeuvre and turn, they generally don't have a seat as sections are ridden standing up.

Trials bikes are easier and less expensive to maintain than other off-road motorcycles and at the Wobblers level of competition older  

models are no disadvantage. Trials bikes are also less expensive to buy and due to insurance and running costs entering is also cheaper.

The cost can range from £500 to £5000 depending on the level you want to achieve in the sport (and finance).


What shall I Wear? And Cost

You must wear correctly fitting motorcycle knee high boots and a helmet (full face helmets are not suitable for trials but can be used), you  

must wear long sleeves and proper gloves, you should wear proper trials, or motorcross pants, downhill pants also give good protection  

with their extra padding.


The cost, SGS Trialsport (01337860255), ORM(Off Road motorcycle plus 01383 734 789) and Bob Scott (01592 773302) have an introductory offer of boots helmet and  gloves.


* Boots can cost from          £100 up to  £300

* Helmet can cost from       £ 50   up to  £250

* Gloves can cost from       £ 15   up to   £ 40

* Pants can cost from         £ 50   up to   £200

* Tops can cost from           £ 45    up to  £150


Where do the riders go?

Sections are normally laid out along a flagged route which the riders must follow, and numbered in order 1-10; in most Wobblers trials four  

laps of the sections are completed. The flagged route ensures any damage to the land is minimal, as the land is normally owned by a  

benevolent farmer or landowner.


How are the riders marked?

Riders choose at the beginning of the trial whether to ride the A route which goes between the red and blue section flags or the Clubman  

route, between the yellow and green flags. There is also a White Route laid out at some of our trials for the younger or absolute beginners.

Riders are given a card numbered 1-20 and this has boxes marked 0-5 on each row. Riders will usually be in a group with a rider/observer  

who is responsible for scoring each group member. Some trials will have  an observer standing at each section who will mark every rider's  

card after they complete the section. This relies on riders bringing family or friends with them who are willing to help out, or forfeting their

own ride.



In Motorcycle Trials points are not won they are lost. The object is to finish the trial on as few marks as possible.

   A zero mark is called a "Clean"

   the most marks a rider can lose in a section is 5 . The list below gives a general idea.

* If a rider puts one foot down in a section this is called a "Dab" and one mark is lost.

* if a rider "Leans" against a tree/rock/verge with any part of his body this is also one mark.

* 2 feet down counts as two marks

* 3 or more "dabs" counts as 3 marks lost (if the rider paddles their way through the whole section)

* There are no 4 marks

* 5 marks are lost when the motorcycle ceases forward motion for more than momentary stop. If the rider puts a foot down while stationary,  

   fails to stay between the corrrect markers, crosses their own path, or fails to complete the section for any other reason.






Who Are We?


We are the East Neuk Wobblers Club,a Motorcycle Trials club set up in the East Neuk of Fife, near St Andrews in Scotland. The idea of the club is to promote motorcycle trials in the local area with new and inexperienced riders in mind, to encourage riders who had given up due to trials becoming too technical and/or too far away,and to encourage riders from other sports to try trials.


Two Strokes have oil and fuel mix to lubricate the engine, and ATF Fuild (Automatic Tranmission Fluid) to protect the gearbox and clutch( Two oils)

Four Stroke engines use straight fuel, the Engine, Gearbox and Clutch are lubricated from the crankcase (one oil) For Optimum performance and engine life then I would recomend the use of Synthetic Lubricants.